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Proven Success: Consistent
grade improvements;
Higher test scores

Struggling with a low score or want to further improve your grades ? Join Gurukul's accelarated grade improvement program. This unique program takes care of your day to day academic requirements like homework help & quiz/test preparation alongside strengthening your fundamental concepts and building a strong foundation for your finals and college admission tests. Help available for Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish. 

Test Preparation courses for all careers



Gurukul offers a wide range of comprehensive test prep courses. Along with a revision of the subject's fundamentals we will help you understand the tests inside out. From normal paced long term courses to short term Boot camps, there are programs for all your needs. 

Guaranteed score improvement*. Sign up and take your test with confidence.  

*Conditions apply

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Gurukul offers a variety of tutoring programs to suit individual needs and requirements. 

1. Small group tutoring - Here students study in a small group of students from the same grade. 2. One on one tutoring - For students who need specific help or want to improve quickly in a short time.  

3. Online tutoring - For distance students who cannot attend classes in person. 

4. Home tutoring - Serving nearby areas


Career and College planning 

Selecting a career can be a daunting task given the number of options available today. The counselors at Gurukul can help you narrow down and select the best options which relate to you interests, skills and goals and are also aligned with your academic capabilities. The counselor will also help you in formulating your High school roadmap aligned with your career plan - advice from selecting subjects, to maintaining requisite GPA to what tests the students should take and selection of colleges. 

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June, 2019

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July, 2019


     I'm glad my parents enrolled me in Gurukul Academy. Been with them for more than three years. Great atmosphere, excellent tutors.

— Jahnvi



      I took tutoring help from quite a few places before joining Gurukul Academy. I’ve been with them for almost three years. I must say that this is the best tutoring institute in the region. I passed high school with a 4 GPA and a 34/36 on ACT. I’m doing computer engineering at a premier engineering college now.



— Meet Patel

     I studied at Gurukul about a year ago. Tutors here are really nice and work hard to improve your grades. The place is well organized with classrooms for different grades and a tutor assigned to each small group. 

— Asmeeta



     Truely the best institute in ABC school district. Gurukul has a very good team of teachers & professors from top high schools, colleges and universities. Expert help is available on Math, English, Bio, Chem, physics and Spanish and AP

— Saurav



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