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Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish


Struggling with a low score or want to further improve your grades ? Join one of the various programs offered at Gurukul designed to strengthen your fundamental concepts and build a strong foundation for your finals and college admission tests. 

Small Group Tutoring

This unique economical program takes care of most of your academic requirements - be it homework help, quiz/tests preparation or doing extra work for reinforcing the concepts you learn at school. 


Free diagnostic analysis

Home work help 

Quiz / test preparation 

Regular grade monitoring

Challenging Math courses for promising students

Comprehensive English course

(Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary)

Online practice tools


One-on-one Tutoring

Suitable for quick improvement in a specific topic or subject. The classes are held on an hourly basis at mutually convenient times. 

Online Tutoring

Gurukul offers online tutoring for distance students. No matter where you live you can now get expert help on any subject. Classes are held on an hourly basis and can be scheduled at mutually convenient times.  

Home Tutoring

Gurukul now offers home tutoring in nearby areas. Please contact for further details. 

Eco Tutoring

Now offering low budget tutoring for specific requirements. 

Starting at $125/month/subject. 

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