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College admissions are a complex process with application, essay and career related initiatives playing an equally important role as your academic credentials. Gurukul 's counselors can help you simplify and organize this process. Be it narrowing down your career options, selecting a list of universities to apply to or building a strong profile for your college application we will guide you through every step. There are numerous things that you can do to enhance your admission prospects. 

Career/Major Planning

With the number of career options available today, selecting one can be a daunting task. We help you narrow down your career options by finding a balance between your interests and career earning potential. 

College/university selection plan
Gurukul follows a structured approach in selecting your reach, target and safety colleges. We help you prepare an action plan to maximizing your college admission prospects. 

Roadmap of activities for crucial years

High school years are critical for your career. We help you plan every year and month in detail on what you should be doing to improve your credentials and your admission prospects. Our detailed planing documents will keep you on track through this critical journey. 

College Essay/UC insight questions

Expert help is available on writing admission essays and UC insight questions. Sometimes an essay can be a deciding factor in your admission decision, we make sure that your essays stand out. 

UC/Cal State/Common app applications

We guide you thoroughly through your college application process. A well written application along with your essays and extra curricular activities aligned with your major is playing an increasingly important role in admission decisions specially in top universities. Make sure it is in expert hands. 

Scholarships/Financial Aid/Fafsa

We can guide you through various scholarships and financial aid options available today along with your FAFSA application. 

Here is how we add value 
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